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Thank you for sending us your information! Please check your email for a copy of your submitted details, and check it over to make sure we have all the right information. If you would like to revise anything, please send Melanie a note with your corrections.

Please send your payment as soon as possible. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and classes fill-up quickly. In a case where capacity has been reached and your child has been placed on a waiting list, you will be contacted individually.

Doane Uschool is a registered charitable organization. We heavily subsidize our fees to make our music lessons available to as many students and schools as possible. For more information or to donate, click here: support

To submit an application for another student, please click here.

Payment options:

by email
Please send email payment to Please remember to include your child’s first and last name in the subject line when you make the payment. Please also use the password “believe“.

by cheque
Make cheque payable to Doane Uschool and send to: 266 Monarch Park Avenue, Toronto, M4J 4S7