We would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of our Corporate, Foundation and Individual Partners:

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The Slaight Family Foundation
Lewis Cohen Family Foundation
MacLennan Foundation
The Gray Family Foundation

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Mark and Paula Aquilla
Jacqueline Baby
Emilie Claire Barlow
Mary Birdsell
Jane Chapman And Bennett Klein
Moira Callahan
Melanie Doane
Anna Goh
Andrew Heintzman
Rachel Hilton
Rajiv Kalsi
Barb Lockhart
Marilyn Luginbuhl in memory of David Luginbuhl
Ken and Judy Luginbuhl
Timothy Luginbuhl
Margaret Norrie McCain, CC, ONB
Paul McKay
Andrea Makauskas
Mary Nasello
Fran McKeown
Sacha Richardson
Dr. Mark Ropeleski
Shawn Saulnier
Heather Simmons
Christine Sloss
Kathryn Underwood
Julia Warrender

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