UkeDay2012Making music education accessible to city students regardless of their financial circumstances.

Established Curriculum: As with the Royal Conservatory and Suzuki programs, we utilize a curriculum which has been refined and delivered by Method certified music specialists in classrooms for over 50 years.

Maintaining Accessibility: Accessibility — especially for students with financial challenges — means keeping the program affordable. Fees therefore, have been heavily subsidized for all students. Thanks to the generous support of our donors and sponsors, over 200 of our students receive the program at no cost.

Cooperation with School and School Board Programming: Our strategy has been to deliver the program in a way that does not compete with any existing instrumental programs but rather, supports and encourages the good work of schools, music specialists and administrators. This complementary and coordinated approach has led to a very successful relationship with public education.

The Promotion of Professional Behaviors Which Transcend Music: Though a high number of our students have gone on to pursue professional careers in music, we recognize that the principles of discipline, rigorous training and the art of public presentation are transferable to all of the students’ future endeavors.